Our Motto 100 Years In The Making

Our Mission

To be a pioneering company, that utilizes innovative agricultural approaches through the use of infused industrial hemp to create premium Spirits and beverages. We dare to leave elephant-sized footprints in the beverage industry by honoring our legacy and embracing our future. 


Our rich family history stretches back many generations. In 1906,  our ancestors started our legacy in  farming by purchasing land as sharecroppers in Halifax, Va. This land, full of memories and heritage, was our stepping stone into the farming industry.   In 2019, Mor-Hemp was founded, honoring our legacy of farming , and starting our new  journey into growing industrial hemp. As we strive to innovate new products and cultivate our family heritage, Tusk was established in 2020. Tusk partnered with Edwin Wright (Master Distiller) of Whiskey Wright Distillery to create Virginia’s First Hemp Infused Vodka and Rum.

Tusk Vodka  is the distinct combination of savory and sweet flavors infused from the Hemp seed and 100% corn mash bill. The Hemp Seed is steeped with our smooth vodka for several weeks until its unique flavor is intertwined creating a perfectly blended spirit. Tusk Vodka is the perfect vessel to turn any cocktail into an adventure that you will never forget. 

Tusk Rum is another iteration in the Hemp seed flavored spirit realm. This innovative spirit is a magnificent combination of light notes of rich molasses, nuttiness of the Hemp Seed, and H2O sourced from the Shenandoah Mountains.  Tusk Rum is a balanced, innovative spirit that is shaped with the hemp seed for a distinctive smoothness, making it perfect for your favorite rum cocktail.